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Attendance Policy

Students attending Farnsworth Aerospace are expected to be in school. Coming to school is the single most important first step that you can take to be a good student.  Please read through the policy and let us know where we can help your child.

Definition of Truant:
A child between the ages of 12 and 16 is considered truant if he or she is absent without legal excuse for three or more class periods on three days.

Acceptable excuses include:

  • Sickness
  • Doctor’s visit including mental health
  • Religious holiday
  • Extreme family emergency

Invalid excuses (examples):

  • Staying home to baby-sit or care for adult
  • Work/rest because of work
  • Travel
  • Needed at home
  • Cold Weather
  • Missed the bus
  • Child is not immunized 

If you have been absent and you think that your absence will not be excused please arrange to see Ms. Saxton.

The Goal:
It is the goal of the Ramsey Count Attorney’s Office to end truancy. TIP utilizes a three-step process to combat truancy.

First step:  an assistant county attorney meets with students who have attendance problems and with their parents.

  • At the meeting two major points will be emphasized:
  • Parents should send their children to school to improve the children’s quality of life.
  • Education is as essential as food, clothing, and shelter in a child’s life.

Second step: If attendance problems continue, the at risk students and parents will be given special attention at a School Attendance Review Team (SART) hearing. A contract will be negotiated with the student and parent. The central message of the contract will be the parent’s obligation to send the student to school and the child’s obligation to attend school.
The student will continue to be monitored by the school and the TIP office for improved school attendance.

Third step:  If the SART hearing does not result in improved school attendance, the County Attorney’s Office will prosecute the student, the parents, or both.

Consequences for Violation of Compulsory School Attendance Laws:

  • Parents of the truant could be fined.
  • Students ages 12-16 could lose their driving privileges until their 18th birthday. Students who are 14 or older who have been through TIP who find themselves in truancy court will lose their driving privileges.
  • Students can be fined up to $100.00.
  • Students may be placed on probation supervision with the child staying in the home and school.
  • Court ordered to participate in the Intensive Truancy Program.
  • A student could be removed from his or her home, placed in a foster home, group home or shelter.
  • A student could be placed in a short-term residential facility, e.g. Camp St. Croix, Chisholm House or a shelter.
  • A student could be placed in long-term residential treatment.
  • A student could be placed under court ordered house arrest.